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A job like dice swallower?

Throughout the 1700s, England has had a special type of employee at their casinos around the country. It was such that the casinos in England in the 1700s were nothing positive about. It also means that raids were often taken against more shady casinos. one of the very normal types of games at a casino at that time, just a 2-dice dice game.

It’s about two people making a dice against each other, the one who had the highest value won it as it was on the table. Of course, the casino took a share, so it could also make money. But when these raids were made, the dice often used what was used as a burden of proof against the shady casinos.

This means that a fairly unique position was created for a person made of a particular fabric. This person should be there every day but do not do anything beyond waiting until the day of a raid. Here the person should make sure there was no one who could make a dice or find the dice. It was such that this person had to quit the dice, to obtain the evidence of the way.

What do you think? Is it maybe a job you would like? Unfortunately, there are no sources that mention anything about what the salary for this job was.