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When it comes to Die

The dice have been around for thousands of years and are often used in gambling and betting. The most common modern Die is 6-sided, shaped like a cube and with square faces. The name of Die comes from an old French and medium English word, and the term "dice grating" is now used to mean cutting something into cubes, reminiscent of the shape of a 6-sided die. While most modern dice are made of plastic, other materials have been used previously (and some continue into the present) wood, metal, even bone – but the most cost-effective way to make dice on an industrial scale these days is with plastic. Many games are played using dice, including classics such as monopoly, FIA and Yatzy. TableSkivan war games and dungeons and dragons also use dice, but they do not always have six sides. Standard dice, no matter how many pages they have (as long as it is an even number), always have numbers that add up to one more than the highest roll on opposite sides. For example, 1 is opposite 6 on a standard 6-sided die, giving a total of 7 more than the maximum roll. The other opposites are 2 and 5, and 3 and 4, all adding up to 7. The more pages a dice has, the more spherical it becomes. When you hit 100 pages, the dice looks more like a golf ball than anything else – and it can be quite tricky to decide which number you landed on. Always make sure you know where the dice have come from if you play for money. It is quite easy to manipulate a dice to get the number you want to come up with, so if you know someone who always wins and they always use their own dice, you might want to check them out and see if they are cheating! Dice games are not always a coincidence, as there is an element of probability and statistics in each roll. If you throw two dice, you might think you have a one in twelve chance of getting any number – but you will never get a 1, and there are more combinations to make 7 than any other number – and there is only one way to do 12 … but there is also only one way to do 2, so not only adopt higher numbers are harder to get! The dice are easily portable, easy to obtain, and do not cost too much. You can have hours of fun playing many different games, and it is absolutely amazing that so much entertainment can be done from something so small. If you've never played a game of dice, you don't know what you're missing! Now is as good a time as someone to start, so pick up some dice, and get rolling.