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The guide to cheat in dice games

Indeed, one of the oldest and most famous Greek thinkers, Aristotle, wrote a very detailed dissertation on how to mingle with dice or how to cheat in dice games.

Without fully knowing the full significance of this thesis, Aristotle became the pioneer of what ultimately should have been something that the casinos took into account. In the early 1950s, people began to figure out how to use this to their advantage at casinos.

Casino games are particularly influenced by this dice-based method, especially in the game Craps. The dice is an essential part of this casino game. This means that the casinos lost a lot of money, which was never their intention. As seen in films, to cheat in dice games, you need experience, expertise and a tactic that has been thought through.

The casinos had to make radical changes to solve this problem. The court would not judge in the casino’s favor. They called this cheating, which meant there was only one thing to ferment. The game itself has been changed so that you cannot mingle with the dice cast. Imagine that – Aristotle, in fact, wrote a guide on how to cheat in dice games – even though it may not have been his intention! Studies even show that the reason he wrote this was simply to prove a point of discussion. Retire ambitiously!