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How to play LCR dice game

The LCR dice game is also known as the Left-Center-Right dice game. It’s a game for three or more players.

It’s a commercial game and is normally played with custom dice, although you should be able to make your own adaptation by substituting numbers for letters.

To begin with, each player is given at least 3 chips – the more chips in play, the longer the game will last. Each players takes a turn rolling three custom six-sided dice. The dice have three faces with a single dot, while the remaining face have the letters L, C and R.

When a dot is rolled, no action needs to be taken. If the letter L or R are rolled, the player must pass a chip to the player to their left or right respectively, one for each letter rolled. Rolling a C indicates a chip must be placed in the center – it is out of play.

On each turn, a player can roll a maximum of three dice. If they have less than three chips, they must roll the corresponding number of dice. If they have more than three, they can only roll three.

When a player has no chips, they are not immediately out of the game, but are not allowed to roll the dice. They can receive chips from another player at this stage. If no chips have been received after two rounds, the player is out of the game.

The winner is the last surviving player with chips left.