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How to play bar dice

Bar dice is usually played in a bar, tavern, or pub with the express intent of determining who will buy the next round of drinks. It is played with five 6 sided dice, and the rules vary from place to place (and no doubt with the amount of alcohol consumed), but it is basically an elimination match.

In most cases, the game works by counting the number of dice showing the same face value – the face value itself is unimportant, so five 2s is a much better score than two 6s.

In order to play a hand, at least one of the dice must show a 1. This becomes wild, and can be paired with any other number – so a hand with a 1 and two 2s would count as three 2s. A hand with five 2s and no 1 is not a valid hand and must be re-rolled.

When each player has a hand, the highest scoring player is eliminated. This doesn’t mean they’ve lost – it means they don’t have to play any more and are not required to purchase the next round.

The game continues until all players except one have been eliminated. That unfortunate individual is now responsible for approaching the bar and buying the next round for their assembled friends/dice opponents.

Remember, the rules can vary from place to place, so make sure you know what you are getting in to, as a round of drinks can be expensive!