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How to play farkle?

Farkle uses even more dice than Yahtzee – in order to play Farkle, 6 dice are needed. Once again, it is a points based game, but the way to score points is quite different.

The goal is to score 10,000 points. All 6 dice are rolled to begin with. If no scoring combination is rolled, you have scored a Farkle. Rolling three Farkles in a row loses you 1000 points, and so is to be avoided.

On a roll, a single die with a 1 or 5 showing earns 100 and 50 points respectively. Three of any number gets the number times 100 points, so three 2s gain 200 points – except if it is a 1, as three 1s get 1000 points.

Three pairs get 500 points, and a straight of 1-6 gets 1000 points.

If you roll and score, you can pass your turn to the next player and keep your points – alternatively, you can roll the non-scoring dice to try and score more, but you cannot combine new rolls with earlier rolls – if a die has scored, it is no longer in play.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and is quite easy to pick up. Play a few rounds and you’ll soon see – there are even online versions you can play if you need to get some practice in.