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How to play liars dice

Also known as Pirate’s Dice and Diception, Liar’s Dice takes a few hints from Poker. At least two players are required.

Five dice are rolled by each player, and concealed from the other players, often inside a large cup. The first player announces a face value, and the minimum number of dice they believe are showing that number among all the players.

The next player can make a higher bid – suggesting there are more dice showing that number – or alternatively say that the previous player is a liar and challenge the bid.

In the event of a challenge, all the dice are revealed. If the previous player was correct, and there are at least the quantity of dice showing that number as the player stated, they win. If there are less, the challenger wins.

The rules are very open to variations, as bids can be limited to more of the same face value, or allow changing to different face values.

Additionally, any player can be allowed to challenge at any time. The only condition is that the rules are agreed before the game begins!

This is less a game of chance than it is a game of strategy. With each die having a one in six chance of showing any particular face value, it can be assumed that approximately one sixth of the dice in play will have any particular value shown.

Making a bid of much higher than this is likely to lead to a challenge, but due to the nature of probability, it is entirely possible that every dice rolled could show the same number!