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How to play yahtzee?

Yahtzee is a game that requires 5 dice, and preferably an opponent. You can of course play to try and beat your previous score, or just for fun.

There are thirteen rounds in Yahtzee, and a scoring card split into two sections. On every round you roll all five dice. You keep the dice that match what you are trying to get, and re-roll the rest. You can do this one more time per turn, giving a maximum of three rolls per turn.

The top section of the score card is for matching numbers – if you end a turn with 4 dice showing the number 3, you can fill in the “Threes” box with the total score (in this case, 12). You must fill in a box on every turn – if you can’t match the requirements, you must enter zero.

If your total score in the top section is above 63, you gain a bonus of 35 points.

The lower section is like a Poker scoring system – you can have 3 or 4 of a kind, and score the total of all the dice. A Full house is 3 of one score and 2 of another, and gains 25 points. Straights are numbers in sequence – 4 in a row is a small straight (30 points) where 5 in a row (a large straight) gains 40 points. YAHTZEE is 5 of a kind and gets 50 points, and should you fail totally, the Chance box allows you to total up any roll you have that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

Both sections are added up at the end of the thirteenth round, and the highest score wins – and that is how you play yahzee.