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How to play sludge

This dice game is popular with people who like to joke around with each other. In the dice game, "slam", it's not about winning. It's about finding a loser. In this sense, you play a little differently from regular dice games, but the principle is in fact the same: it is about having fun with a dice game. Before you can start playing, make sure you have the right tools so the dice game can be completed. In slam you need a pen, something to write on and three dice. Here are the rules for the dice game, sludge. The purpose of the game is to get out as quickly as possible. You can get out of the game by pressing a predetermined number and ending in 15 points. The predetermined number is what is called sludge.

Here's how it is played

The first thing we need to do to play the game is to find out who is starting. If you can't figure this out, you might want to snap a coin. Alternatively, each player can throw a dice. Anyone who gets the highest number can start. In the event that two or more players receive the same number, you can throw another dice until you find a winner, and that person can start playing. This player is the one who determines the slam number. This is done by the player taking a dice and making the throw. The dice show what becomes the slam value, which is what all players should try to beat.

A representative example of the game

We assume that in this example there are four participating players. Player # 1 won the dice competition and must therefore roll the dice to find slam. Player # 1 throws the dice and this shows the number 4. Player # 1 now makes another throw, this time with all 3 dice, and hits 1, 2 and 4. Thus, the player # 1 gets 1 point. Player # 1 throws another dice and, this time, it shows 1, 2, and 6. This means that the dice are passed on to the next player clockwise. Player # 1 got 1 point and the game will continue until all players, except one, have been hit 15 points. During the game, you will be able to earn more points on a dice if you can beat slime 2-3 times. If you manage to hit 2 sludges, you will achieve a small sludge. This gives 5 points. But you can risk ending up in a situation where you can't win the little sludge. You have to hit exactly 15 points to get out of the round. Therefore, if you hit slam while you have 11 or more points, you pass in turn without getting any points. If you hit all 3 dice with sludge, this is called a Grand Slam. Here you get 15 points, no matter how many points you have in advance – that means you are out of the round and not the loser in the dice game, slam.